Gunsteel Combo


BabylissPro 4 artists is momenteel de revelatie binnen de kappers- en barbiers wereld. Alle toestellen komen met een rechtreekse standaard garantie van 2 jaar. Top service met en persoonlijke vakkennis en feedback inbegrepen.


Het enige verschil tussen de clippers is de kleur




Digitale Ferrari motor 6300 RPM

5 verstelbare lengtes 0,8 - 1,4 - 2 - 2,8 - 3,5mm

8 opzetkammen 1,5 - 3 - 4,8 - 6 - 10 - 13 - 16 - 19mm




Digitale Ferrari motor 6300 RPM

Zero gap 0,5mm

2 snijkoppen T blade en regular blade


"Babyliss Pro Clippers REVIEW" While other brands have recently been too busy making special editions to cash in extra money or just following the herd. Babyliss listened carefully to the crowd creating this amazing "BEAST". A Ferrari design engine stands up. Its strongest point is the clippers over comb work, i promise you it will give you goosebumps the first time u use it! The big difference offcource between the other clippers is the adjustment lever. You can be 100% sure that it stays in place at all times and that you can always see on which stand you are at. Its a gift and takes your work to a higher level! Hair type and hair thickness makes no difference here either. Very consistent and pure to the bone. The weight of the clipper can also play a role. This is on the heavier side for a wire-free clipper. But it feels so familiar and gives the right balance and impact during the fade. For me the most old school feeling you will ever get! 


"Babyliss Pro Trimmers REVIEW" The versatility of these trimmers are unseen. It already starts during the unpackaging. You immediately will be able to ascertain that you have two different blade headers, a regular blade and a T blade. But wait, it doesn't stop there. All the tools to be able to zero-gap or regular-gap these blades in a very simple way just sit there, a real total package! In terms of sharpness in general, they are ideal after adjusting the blades to your personal sharpness level. Never too sharp and not too soft. The regular blade for the more sensitive and hard to reach pieces is slightly softer than the T blade, which in turn is ideal for the tight alignments. And you can change the head piece is a snap with the supplied attachments. The Ferrari design engine and a very long-lasting battery complete this package for sure! Always make sure you adjust the sharpness and oil both blades before use, witch is necessary for the right results and durability!

Gunsteel Combo

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255,00 €Verkoopprijs